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My Rottweilers and IHello and welcome to the Brain Training For Dogs affiliate area! Are you interested in earning money by promoting our awesome dog training program? Brain Training For Dogs offers a very competitive commission for affiliates, as well as all sorts of tools and advice to make producing sales easy! Our affiliate resources section contains everything you need to easily monetize your website or blog, with high quality (and unique!) ad banners, free e-books you can use to build your list and more. Become part of our team today and let’s bring brain training to dogs all over the world!

To join our affiliate program, all you need to do is create a ClickBank account. ClickBank is one of the world leaders in affiliate marketing with over 10,000 digital product vendors and over 100,000 active affiliates. They always pay on time and offer various forms of payment from direct deposits to checks.

Once your ClickBank account is created, you can sign up to our affiliate program here. Simply enter your username in the “Account Nickname” field, and optionally enter a tracking ID (the tracking ID is only used for analytics), then click “Create” to get your special affiliate link.

Whenever somebody clicks on your link and subsequently purchases a copy of our course, you will receive a commission! It’s as simple as that!

8 Convincing Reasons You Should Promote Our Product

  1. Brain Training for Dogs is the highest quality dog training course on ClickBank! (Source)
  2. The creator (Adrienne Farricelli) is well known and published by authority websites and magazines including USA Today. She is also a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with many years of experience!

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  3. Unlike many other vendors, we actively work with and help our affiliates to make more money – many of them are earning big. We can offer guidance with both the onsite and offsite side of things. We have also already implemented many suggestions from affiliates in our product and sales page! To get in touch please e-mail:

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  4. The course will improve the lives and well-being of both dogs and their owners.
  5. The product’s concept is unique and exciting!
  6. Our sales copy converts like crazy!
  7. We offer high commissions!
  8. Our affiliate resources are AWESOME!

Brain Training for Dogs is one of the only dog training products on ClickBank written by a professional trainer with listed credentials and an impressive body of work. Adrienne has over 1,000 followers on HubPages, and is one of the experts on AllExperts.com where she answers the questions of dog owners worldwide.

Adrienne is an advocate of gentle and force-free training techniques which rely on positive reinforcement instead of punishment. Unlike many other training programs on ClickBank which use outdated aversive training methods, Adrienne’s techniques cause dogs to look forward to learning, and further strengthen the bond between dog and owner. Not only will you be earning $$$, you will be improving the lives of dogs around the world by shifting owners away from outdated and unfortunately common punishment-based methods.

I’m sure you agree that it feels better to promote a product you know is going to improve the lives of owners and dogs worldwide, instead of one full of aversive methods that causes dogs to live with untold fear and stress throughout their lives.

But how do you know if a trainer is legitimate or just a pretender? Professional certifications offer a good clue! Adrienne’s CPDT-KA title means she has been assessed and certified by the CCPDT (the only independent certifying organization for the dog training profession), and is required to stay up-to-date with new training techniques and advances in dog training science at all times. That’s why she is teaching scientifically proven positive methods, while lesser trainers are still stuck in the dog training stone age pushing dominance theory (“dog’s misbehave because they are trying to dominate you!”) and punishment. Be wary of any “trainer” who does not list their professional certifications.

You could also look at what other professionals are saying. The Brain Training for Dogs course has received rave reviews from Dr. Jennifer Coates, a professional veterinarian who writes for PetMD.com, and Caryl Wolff, a dog training/behavior consultant with over 20 years of experience and several published books.

Here’s what one of our affiliates had to say…

Everything you’re doing is perfect! And I believe this product stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality and information.

I’ve seen the inside of all the dog training programs on Clickbank. Some of them are so bad they suggest things like using a tin can filled with coins to stop a dog from counter surfing. I mean that’s just awful advice. And doing it will most certainly create a dog with phobias. And things like kneeing a dog in the chest to stop them from jumping.

I’ve got a bunch of them still in line for reviews and as you know I’m brutally honest and pretty much despise any training that’s not 100% positive and kind. So I won’t be kind when it comes to my reviews. And I refuse to make money off that kind of junk.

So what I’m getting at is your product is by far the best.” – Unsolicited Words from an Affiliate.

Einstein Says: Hi, Einstein the dog here! Don’t forget to get in touch if you have general questions, or if you want free advice and assistance with making money. Many of our affiliates are making big bucks – we want you to succeed too, and are here to help you do just that!

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