Behavior Training For Dogs: Items

Welcome to the behavior training items page. Here you will find items (including all of those recommended in the Behavior Training For Dogs bonus course) which can help to reduce unwanted behaviors.

Calming Aids

A calming aid is anything which helps to keep a dog calm. They can help to keep anxiety at bay and any anxiety-related behaviors.

  • Zylkene:

    Zylkene capsules

    Zylkene is a natural supplement which uses milk proteins to help induce a feeling of calm in dogs.

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  • D.A.P. Diffuser:

    A D.A.P. diffuser

    A D.A.P. diffuser is a device which releases pheremones (a special type of scent) that help to keep dogs calm.

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  • ThunderShirt:

    ThunderShirt dog anxiety jacket

    ThunderShirt is a popular type of anxiety jacket. When worn by a dog the hugging effect helps to keep them feeling safe and relaxed.

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  • Desensitizing CDs:

    Desensitizing CD

    When used correctly (as explained in Behavior Training For Dogs), special desensitizing CDs can help to reduce noise phobia in dogs.

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  • Anxietrex:

    Anxietrex homeopathic remedy

    Anxietrex is a homeopathic remedy for anxiety in dogs. Some people prefer homeopathic solutions because of how safe they are.

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Barking Aids

The following items can be helpful in putting a stop to your dog’s barking behaviors.

  • Window Film:

    Window film

    Adhesive film can be applied to a window or windowed door to stop a dog from seeing what’s outside.

    This product has plenty of funky designs as well as plain white.

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Interactive Toys To Curb Whining

Investing in interactive toys can help to reduce your dog’s toy or bone-related whining behavior. Here are my favorites.

  • Classic KONG:

    KONG classic feeder toy

    The classic KONG toy is a popular interactive toy. Simply fill it up and watch your dog work to get the treats out.

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  • KONG Wobbler:

    KONG Wobbler

    This variation on the classic KONG toy works in much the same way, except, as the name implies, it wobbles all around!

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